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We're all about making your protein research simple! Here's a list of applications that'll make it easier to find the ProteinSimple product that's just right for you! Click on the application you're interested in below to get started.

Kubtec Scientific

Multislice Tomosynthesis radiography

Meant for science and research, forensics, and non-destructive testing (NDT), Parameter 3-D is the most comprehensive cabinet X-ray system available, offering both 3-D and 2-D imaging capabilities.

Kubtec Scientific

Specimen Radiography Applications

Pathology and science and research applications. Now penetrate the densest cores and surgical specimens, identifying the finest details in seconds.

Kubtec Scientific

Morgue and Field Portable Applications

Improve workflow efficiency with our X-ray source agnostic detectors. Work with your existing X-ray source, regardless of the manufacturer. Detectors are portable, easy to operate and offer high resolution diagnostic images in seconds.

Kubtec Scientific


The XCELL® Line of Irradiator Systems from Kubtec® is designed for a range of applications: animal, food, cell, seed, and component irradiation in the research and commercial environments. The XCELL® Systems offer a safe and cost effective method for irradiating specimens in accurate repeatable monitored doses, unlike radioisotopic based systems.


2D-/3D Stereo Digital Image Correlation

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) tracks the movement of the naturally occurring or applied surface pattern during the test or experiment. This is done by analyzing the displacement of the pattern within subsets of the whole image.


Digital Volume Correlation

Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) is a novel technique for full 3D strain and deformation measurements. The technique imports volume images of the component in reference and deformed states and is able to calculate the full 3D displacement and strain map.