Product Description

Ella: SimplePlex Elisa ImmunoAssays
Unprecedented Reproducibility with Automated Elisa

Researchers are constantly challenged by the reproducibility and variability of an immunoassay. Ella addresses this challenge head on by utilizing microfluidic cartridges that include pre-loaded reagents so only the samples and wash buffer are loaded onto the cartridge. From there, Ella takes over and after one hour, the concentration of the analyte is automatically calculated. Have confidence in our continuously expanding menu of Simple Plex™ assays, powered by R&D Systems antibodies and buffers and validated against our gold standard Quantikine® ELISAs. Simple Plex assays are provided as single analyte assays with 72x1 cartridge and multiplex assays with 16x4 cartridge. That means you can analyze 72 samples for a single analyte or 16 samples for four analytes, giving you the flexibility your assay needs. Standard curves are calculated at the factory and downloaded when the cartridge barcode is read—there is no need to make standard dilutions improving reproducibility and accuracy.