Product Description

Mouse BMD and Body Composition Cabinet X-ray

The DIGIMUS® System is a high-resolution X-ray imaging system with the ability to measure BMD and Body Composition in Rodents and other small animals. BMD can be obtained using either DXA, or in cases where radiation exposure is a concern (such as longitudinal studies) by SEXA.

  • A digital detector that provides a field of view of 5 inches X 6 inches (12cm x l5cm)
  • Global and Region of Interest BMD and Body Compostion by DXA
  • Longitudinal BMD studies with reduced radiation using proprietary SXA method.
  • Small focal spot X-ray source and adjustable sample positioning
  • 5X geometric magnification increasing visibility and detail of the smallest features
  • Ports to introduce anesthesia and any other monitoring devices, for in vivo imaging needs
  • Optional high-resolution optical camera inside the illuminated stainless steel enclosure for observation of animal and documentation of sample.
  • Superior worldwide technical support and service
  • Bench-top or tower configurations available