Diener Electronic GmbH, Germany

About Diener Electronic

Plasma technology offers highly versatile options for modifying surfaces. For this purpose, we construct plasma systems in various models (size, processes, controls, etc.). A distinction is made between low-pressure plasma and atmospheric plasma.
To cover the full range of plasma technology, our product portfolio also includes, in addition to the plasma systems, user-specific special systems, electron microscopy, options and accessories, in-house developed generators, various control systems, plasma indicators and patented plasma cleaning sources.

Plasma Technologies for:

  • Precision cleaning of small and micro-components
  • Activation of plastic parts before gluing, painting, etc.
  • Etching and partial removal of various materials such as PTFE, photoresist, etc.
  • Coating of components with PTFE-like coatings, barrier coatings, hydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings, friction reducing coatings etc.

Plasma Technologies for:

  • Yacto
  • Zepto
  • Atto
  • Femto
  • Pico
  • Nano
  • Tetra 30
  • Tetra 100
  • Tetra 150
  • Tetra 2800
  • Bell Jar 35
  • Special System
  • Inline Plasma Systems